7 Reasons to use Video in your Social Media

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The ways we receive information and communication are constantly changing, especially on social media. By using multiple social media channels, content marketers are most successful. Any content posted across multiple channels is forty times more likely to get shared than any all-text content posting.

Video is increasingly becoming an essential portion of promotional programs. Approximately 65 percent of the time SMEs use videos. Large corporations consider them to be the most engaging method of communication for audiences.

Online videos will account for more than 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic in 2022. Here are seven reasons you should use them in your social media site.

1. Capture Interest

Hooking an audience by using videos on social media is a tool that works. They allow you to be brief and catch viewers’ Interest within seconds. These visual depictions are made by condensing the information into smaller snippets that are easy for the consumer to grasp.

Videos should provide long enough content to maintain Interest but short enough to leave users wanting more. Providing the video’s clear intention at the beginning keeps scrollers from moving on.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO Strategy)

Optimizing content for search engines is no different for videos and we know that SEOs work. Social media platforms and channels have become like search engines, so your content must be relevant. This SEO strategy will place you at the top of the “trending” and “popular” and trending hashtags lists. Organic search results are the unpaid results that appear on a search engine results page after search queries and aids in SEO.

This can be done by creating compelling headlines with descriptions of your video to ensure it will register in searches. Creating relevant hashtags on Twitter enhances searches too. For every hashtag, Twitter offers in-depth analytics and details key demographics, which helps you with search optimization. Complementary hashtags boost search results across YouTube, Facebook, and Facebook Instagram.

3. Tactical Marketing

You should have a goal for your video. Such as driving traffic to your site, sharing information, purchase of a product, or having users share your video.

Directing users to take the desired action can be accomplished by using internal links such as clicking “find out more here.” Videos on social media help to drive conversions. This is a viable social media strategy for your brand.

4. Use of Trending Topics

Giving your brand a voice by using videos allows them to move quickly. This allows your brand to take advantage of breaking news, consumer tips, or any other type of content that goes viral. The video content you deliver must be relevant to the audience.

Take advantage of your consumer demographics by utilizing popular hashtags that occur weekly. As a brand, you want to create conversations, and by linking your video to these trending topics is vital.

5. Share Breaking News

A study by Hootsuite found that nearly half of American adults interact with companies on at least one social media channel.

  • More than four out of every five Americans (83 percent) have a social media account
  • Nearly half of Americans (48 percent) have interacted with companies or institutions on at least one social media network
  • 41 percent of Americans say it’s essential that the institutions they engage with have a solid social media presence

Americans who have a social media account:

  • 28 percent would instead engage with a brand/organization on social media than visit a physical location
  • 59 percent agree that customer service via social media has made it easier to resolve questions and concerns

Using videos on social media is an excellent way to share major breaking news stories. You can also provide insights into your brand that may be difficult to convey otherwise.

6. Increasing Exposure of your Logo and Brand

Your brand logo plays a prominent role in connecting the consumer with your company. Using your logo in videos gives you optimal exposure for your brand. The quality of your video is relevant as poor acoustics and visuals impact your credibility.

Poor video quality can leave users with a negative brand association. You can watermark your video with your logo and allow instant recognition of your brand.

7. Monitor Engagement

Track your videos to discern what works and what does not work. Tracking the progress of your videos will help in successful future video marketing. Social media channels give you analytic features so you can easily see views and shares. You should also pay attention to click thoughts to indicate how well your message is delivering.


Marketers have plenty of options regarding how they use video content. YouTube is a great place to create videos. These are other options you can use:

  • Posting a story on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat is advantageous. This story disappears after a time. The advantage here is that they can be inexpensive to create and do not take a long time to make and you communicate directly to your audience.
  • Live video is compelling and has grown in recent years.
  • Another excellent way to directly interact with your customers is through the use of Webinars. You can answer questions and interact directly or even teach prominent aspects of your business.

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