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TikTok is currently the fastest-growing social media platform in the world, with over 800 million active users worldwide. TikTok has a vast marketing potential – influences from J-Lo to the United Nations have been getting creative with the platform. Therefore, it can be used as an effective tool to grow your business.

If you’re a small or medium business owner looking to grow your presence on TikTok, read on to better understand this type of digital marketing platform and discover how an Alpha Key Digital marketing strategy can be incorporated to build a following.

From branding and time management to social media tips, small business conversations are already happening on TikTok—all you need to do is join in. There’s a TikTok community already waiting for you, whether you want to reach new customers, drive product sales, or simply learn how to grow.

Understanding TikTok

Before jumping on the latest social media bandwagon, ask yourself if this is the right platform for your market. TikTok is still growing and relatively new, so now is a unique opportunity for Alpha Key to establish your business niche. Short videos work best on the platform. 

How Alpha Key Digital will grow your following

It’s important to note that acquiring the right followers is better than amassing thousands of the wrong ones. Target audiences are a key to success.

If you build the right following the right way — you will have the opportunity to build an online marketing community of brand followers on the platform.

Alpha Key Digital marketing will grow your following in the following ways:

1. Alpha Key works with influencers

Much like Instagram, TikTok is a visual digital media platform that connects well to influencer endorsement.

We will begin by seeking out the right influencers — those aligned with your brand values, products, or services, who we can see connecting well with your audience.

We look to build long-term influencer partnerships, where you can work to build engagement and collaborate on making great content over time. This will significantly help to expand your reach – especially if the influencer already has a large following.

2. We will interact with your audience

Small businesses must engage with their audience on all social media platforms that they’re active on.

TikTok is a very interactive platform, allowing you to leave comments on videos you enjoy, share your content, and interact with your audience in the comments. 83% of TikTok users have uploaded videos, providing many active participation opportunities.

3. We will Create great content

As is true of all social networks – content makes all the difference. One of the best ways to grow your audience is to provide great content that your followers will comment on, like, and want to share.

Alpha Key Digital is on top of the latest trends and looks for relevant topical stories to share. We incorporate mobile apps and assure use by mobile devices. Creating quality content is also essential – keep in mind that while TikTok videos are generally spontaneous and fun, your content will be relevant and have high quality. We use plenty of video tools to create standout content. 

4. Alpha Key will Share videos frequently

We strive to post three to five times a week – this will help gain you traction over time.

To put it simply, when people follow you, they expect content. Alpha Key will post regularly to avoid losing followers. We also maintain this by creating a content calendar for your brand.

5. We will Post at the right time

It’s crucial to consider when your audience will be scrolling through TikTok. You want to post your content when your audience is present online. Alpha Key targets the best times to post on social media: during commuting hours, lunchtime and after work, and weekends.

6. We will use the Right Hashtags

For a platform made famous by hashtag challenges, using the right hashtags should play a big part in your TikTok marketing strategy.

We use hashtags relevant to your product/brand instead of only trending hashtags. Alpha Key also incorporates search engine optimization (seo) so that you reach more of your target audiences.

7. We will Gain Followers with music

TikTok is an app that is built on music! We use this to your advantage, and research the top songs trending on Spotify to stay relevant.

TikTok can be a powerful platform for business growth if used strategically.

Ways TikTok can help grow your business:

  1. Reach a Wider Audience: TikTok has over a billion users worldwide, which means it offers a massive potential audience for your business.
  2. Engage with a Younger Demographic: TikTok is particularly popular among younger users (Gen Z and Millennials). If your target audience includes these demographics, TikTok is a great place to connect with them.
  3. Showcase Products or Services: You can create short, engaging videos to showcase your products or services. Use creative and entertaining content to grab the viewer’s attention.
  4. Humanize Your Brand: TikTok allows you to show the human side of your business. We will share behind-the-scenes content, introduce your team, or show how your products are made. This helps build trust and a personal connection with your audience.
  5. Leverage Trends and Challenges: TikTok trends and challenges can go viral quickly. By participating in relevant trends, we will increase your visibility and gain new followers.
  6. Educate Your Audience: We create informative and helpful content related to your industry. This positions your business as an authority in your field and can help attract potential customers seeking information.
  7. User-Generated Content: We encourage your customers to create content related to your products or services. This can increase your brand’s reach and credibility.
  8. Influencer Collaborations: We partner with TikTok influencers can give your business a significant boost. Influencers have dedicated followers who trust their recommendations.
  9. Utilize TikTok Ads: TikTok offers advertising options that can help you target specific demographics or interests. This can be an effective way to reach potential customers.
  10. Track Analytics: We use TikTok’s analytics tools to monitor the performance of your content. This helps you understand what works best and refine your strategy.
  11. Direct Engagement: TikTok allows for direct engagement with your audience through comments, messages, and live streams. Responding promptly and engaging with your audience helps build a loyal community.
  12. Cross-Promotion: We share your TikTok content on other social media platforms to expand your reach. This can help you tap into your existing audience on other platforms.
  13. Stay Consistent: Regular posting is important to maintain audience engagement. Consistency helps keep your brand in the minds of your followers.

Remember, it’s important to align your content with your brand’s identity and values. Authenticity is key on TikTok, and users can quickly detect inauthentic or forced content.

Keep in mind that success on TikTok, like any social media platform, takes time and effort. Experiment with different types of content and track what resonates with your audience. Additionally, stay updated with TikTok trends and features to make the most of the platform.

Hashtags and creativity are all good but let’s not forget that a fundamental part of any marketing strategy is evaluating the results of a campaign’s success. Alpha Key Digital uses an analytics tool will give you valuable insights into your promotional efforts and how you can improve them.

If you’re not getting enough engagement, we think of what mistakes could have caused such an effect and how to fix them. Keeping you updated with analytics is a powerful way Alpha Key uses to enlarge your audience and eventually generate more sales.

Paid Ads to Grow Your Following on TikTok

Although it’s still quite new, TikTok has a specialized advertising system or affiliate marketing allowing brands and companies to tap into a massive user base. The platform offers three types of digital advertising:

  • Native In-Feed Ads
  • Hashtag Challenge Ads
  • Brand Ads. This type of TikTok ad is the most efficient way to drive traffic to your landing page.

Targeting TikTok Ads

  1. Interest Targeting. Works similar to Facebook ads. You select an interest relevant to your target audience and TikTok shows ads to those people.
  2. Behavioral Targeting. This type of targeting helps you to advertise to people based on their behavior within the last week or two.

Bottom Line

There are many benefits of digital marketing and effective digital marketing that are far more productive than traditional marketing. If you are looking for a trusted partner to help you achieve your goals online and increase brand awareness, look no further than Alpha Key Digital. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

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