Digital Marketing: The Expansion of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) use has dramatically increased in digital marketing. In 2018, Forbes printed that marketing businesses have integrated or extended their use of AI machine learning by 84 percent.

Today, AI is more relevant than ever in digital marketing. This includes ways to use AI in your strategies for digital marketing.

AI can be used in various ways to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. These include using AI to analyze customer behavior and target specific audiences, using AI to automate tasks such as content creation and delivery, and using AI to optimize campaigns in real time.

AI can also be used to personalize customer experiences, which can help build customer loyalty and drive more sales. In addition, AI can be used to provide more accurate analytics, allowing marketers to make better decisions about their campaigns. As AI continues to evolve, its potential for digital marketing will only continue to increase.

Artificial Intelligence: What is it?

The analysis of human behavior and communication is taught to an AI called computer science. The AI is programmed to mimic human intellectual tasks and abilities. The AI can keep growing and refining itself based on gathered data.

These gathered data allow the AI to become an intelligent computer that can interact, think, and complete an activity like a human. AI can perform highly specialized and technical activities. These activities include visual and speech recognition, automation, processing of language, and problem-solving.

The development of computer science continues to evolve on a global level. In subtle ways, AI constantly plays a role in people’s lives. Although AI is not even close to the intelligence of humans, it does think and grow similarly to humans and could surpass human learning in the future.

Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity due to the reasons listed below:

  1. The efficiency of labor is improved because AI is more reliable and precise, creating fewer mistakes
  2. AI can delve far deeper into the data provided.
  3. Performance is enhanced with intelligent algorithms like virtual assistants, in-home security systems, and tracking devices.
  4. An AI has the adaptability to learn new information when algorithms are advanced.

How AI Enhances Digital Marketing

The digital world has been transformed by AI and is used heavily in digital marketing. An AI can better analyze and understand large amounts of data. By recognizing marketing trends, AI can do much better than humans. Marketers and brands use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to save time and resources.

AI can also be used to target the right audience and personalize content for them. AI-powered chatbots are used for customer service, allowing customers to get immediate answers to their queries.

With AI, marketers can automate tedious tasks, such as A/B testing, and optimize campaigns for better results. AI also provides insights into customer behaviors, allowing marketers to create more effective marketing strategies. AI allows marketers to make data-driven decisions, saving them time and money.

Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into Your Digital Marketing Strategies

We now have proof that AI offers transformation to the digital marketing industry. Ways of incorporating AI into your digital marketing strategies are listed below:


The ability of a software program to have a discussion with a human using an AI is known as a chat. Chatbots are used to find answers to a query on a website. They help humans determine the solutions. Chatbots can have text or audio capabilities.

We see them as a chat box on the computer screen. Your clients can access the chatbot 24/7, and the data can be saved. Combining chatbots with AI and machine learning has profoundly changed digital marketing.

Chatbots can also collect data about customers while providing customer service so that your interaction with them is individualized to customer needs. This is an excellent benefit to both your business and your clients.

Marketing via Email

SEO marketing is enhanced when AI customizes an email marketing campaign. The AI sends out tailored emails to reach a targeted demographic. The AI customizes the preferences and behaviors of customers.

The AI sends relevant emails, which improves your email marketing performance metrics. Appropriate subject lines, messages, and product recommendations are tailored to the customer’s preferences.

AI takes the uncertainty out of sending an email because it calculates the best time to send it and depends on your client’s activity history. Time zones, unavailability, and the habits of your subscribers can all be considered by AI technology.

Personalized Promotion

Whether product referrals, incentives, freebies, or reimbursements, AI knows what works effectively with your consumers based on their history, preferences, and behaviors.

When a consumer abandons a shopping cart, AI can retarget them with an email to message the client to return to the shopping cart or even suggest similar options.

Conversions are more likely when the AI addresses clients with suggestions that have personalized content.

Digital Advertising

Social network advertising using AI has proven it can achieve maximum effectiveness. Such social networks include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google and deliver the best impression of your brand. The AI also incorporates data like user age, gender, and interests, among other factors, to give them advertisements that are appropriate.

Micro tendencies can be predicted using AI, a significant advantage to digital marketers. Strategic decisions can then be made.

Internet Searches

The way individuals carry out online searches has evolved. Voice Search, Google’s algorithm, and other AI advancements are advances that are new and Internet searches have been transformed, including search engine optimization (SEO).

Examples of this type of transformation include those that run searches by pushing a button or speaking, such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Home.

Web Design and User Experience

By using advanced algorithms, a website can be personalized. The AI can analyze hundreds of data points and then present relevant information and details to each user.

A positive user experience compels users to remain on the website. When they stay longer, they are more likely to convert to customers.

As discussed above, Chatbots are among the numerous opportunities AI offers to make the user journey more user-friendly.

Upgrade Your Online Shopping Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) in digital marketing can improve shoppers’ experience. Virtual reality allows users to test items or clothing before purchasing them instead of just viewing photographs.

For example, IKEA, the Swedish furniture manufacturer, elevates AI digital marketing to a new level. It is releasing augmented reality software allowing shoppers to see IKEA products in their homes. Shoppers can input the measurements of their space into the app. Customers will see various things based on distinct designs and life stages.


When implemented effectively, artificial intelligence may significantly impact e-commerce entrepreneurs. AI can do everything developing content for websites, making product recommendations, controlling inventory, and providing customer support. AI has also been used successfully in forecasting e-commerce revenues, discovering search trends of customers, and conducting competitive market research.

In Conclusion

Our technology is embedded with AI making our daily lives reap great benefits as consumers. Optimizing consumer experiences using AI is a new tool that digital marketers need to keep up with. Digital marketers can boost brand loyalty and raise revenues by utilizing the potential of AI.

AI is not here to take over digital marketer and advertising jobs but is helping them to maximize their strategic and creative capabilities. Advertisers and marketers must modify their marketing campaigns with the current AI trend to achieve this.

Alpha Key Digital is a team of experts who share his passion for helping businesses succeed online. They are committed to delivering results-driven solutions that are backed by data and analytics. If you’re looking for a partner who can help take your business to the next level, look no further than Alpha Key Digital.

Promote your Brand with Influencer Marketing

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when a business partners with an individual who has a significant presence on social media to market its services or products. Influencer marketing is a strategy to market on popular social media platforms.

Nowadays, hundreds of millions of people use social media daily. The people they follow have earned their trust. It’s a good idea for a business to reach out to influencers with many followers and high engagement rates.

Your products and services will be seen by as many people as possible by working with an influencer. Your conversion rates may be boosted as well.

Alpha Key Digital will help you devise a strong strategy allowing you to get the most out of your marketing campaign using an influencer.

Key Influencer Marketing Statistics to Drive Your Strategy in 2023

Fact: Influencer Marketing Industry Reached $16.4B in 2022

There’s no denying that influencer marketing is lucrative. The market grew from $1.7 billion in 2016 to $9.7 billion in 2020. In 2021, it soared to $13.8 billion, indicating steady growth. In 2022, the market expanded to a whopping $16.4 billion industry.

This growth is attributed to the increasing popularity of short video formats on platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Another aspect attributed to growth was the effects of the global pandemic on consumers, which catalyzed social media consumption. Finally, the optimization of data collection, which marketers used for social media ads, also added to growth over time.

How does influencer marketing work?

The ultimate goal of influencer marketing is to increase your brand’s exposure. Influencer marketing allows businesses to collaborate with influencers with a large following. The influencer will publish social media content promoting business services or products, build brand awareness, and attract potential customers.

Because followers trust the influencers, they follow you on social media. When they see your business advertised by the influencer, an automatic trust factor can boost your conversion rates.

Determining which influencers might suit your company is integral to any influencer strategy. For example, suppose you sell facial moisturizers. In that case, you should find an influencer with a strong success rate in promoting skincare products.

Generally, influencers receive a commission on all the services or products they sell. For example, they receive ten percent of revenues from the services or products they sell for your business.

How effective is influencer marketing?

There are significant benefits when businesses use influencer marketing. For example, businesses earn an average of $5.78 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing (via Influencer Marketing Hub).

Advantages to consider:

  • Establishes credibility and trust. One of the reasons many businesses need help selling their services or products is that they need credibility to be established. You can quickly boost your credibility by partnering with an influencer that followers trust.
  • Cost-effective. Your business may generate a considerable return on your investment if you choose the right influencer. Another significant benefit is the cost-effectiveness of influencer marking use.
  • Quality leads are attracted with influencer campaigns. Your conversion rates may increase as a result.
  • Brand awareness gets a boost. Influencers can get your services and products in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Some influencers have millions of followers.

Creating an influencer marketing strategy

Alpha Key Digital will strategize with you with these critical steps:

1. First, your goals should be identified.

  • What goals does your business have?
  • How can you track your successes with influencer marketing?

2. Determine your audience. Next, you need to take a good look at your customers.

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Do you know what problems they have?
  • What social media platforms do they use?
  • Your business can reach your target market effectively by answering these questions.

3. Budget creation. Your budget determines how much your business can invest in an influencer.

4. Alpha Key will find the very best influencers. Finding the right influencer could take a long time if looking for one one your own.

  • Do you know whom you want to partner with?
  • Who are their followers?
  • Do you want to partner with a social media star?
  • Or do you want to partner with someone with a large following in a particular industry?

5. Track metrics and optimize your strategy accordingly. Finally, Alpha Key will track your metrics to measure brand awareness.

  • How successful is your influencer campaign?
  • Do you need to adjust to improve the campaign?

If you want to partner with social media influencers to grow your audience, there are several steps you can follow.

Alpha Key Digital will:

  • Find influencers aligning with your business and brand to build awareness.
  • Help you to understand that you should focus on something other than the number of followers they have. Alpha Key Digital is aware that if an influencer has a low engagement rate, your campaign may not do as well. Instead, paying attention to their relationship with their followers is a good idea.
  • Create an agreement. Creating a formal written agreement with an influencer helps avoid confusion and ensures each party knows its responsibilities.
  • Provide value. While you can pay influencers, you want to give them more value than just money. Alpha Key Digital’s work includes these types of considerations. For example, can you help them boost their exposure? Will this partnership be mutually beneficial?
  • Alpha Key Digital will research influencers for you before making contact. Looking for the right influencer is like searching for the right employee for your business. Alpha Key will take the time to review what they post and their blog posts, and assess partnerships they’ve had in the past to ensure they’re a good fit.

When we find a suitable influencer to promote your products and services, you will increase your foothold in your industry.

The Future of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a formidable marketing tactic. Companies that leverage influencer marketing are likelier to succeed, especially if they can establish a healthy and long-term partnership. Also, 2023 will undoubtedly bring many changes to the influencer marketing industry.

Enhance your influencer marketing campaign!

Influencer marketing is a popular tactic for several reasons. Not only can it increase brand exposure quickly, but it’s also a cost-effective way to get your business in front of consumers likely to be interested in your product. However, you must identify influencers who are a good fit for the campaign to succeed. Otherwise, you may hurt your company’s reputation.

Once we have found the best influencer for your campaign, use our social media marketing tools to take your efforts for increased brand awareness to the next level. We will plan posts ahead of time with our organic social posting platform or run ads on Facebook and Instagram to maximize your reach. We can help you connect with your target audience, no matter your industry.

Allow us to take care of any of your digital needs. Alpha Key Digital specializes in advanced digital marketing techniques. From design to execution, to measurable branding, we can provide the clarity and confidence for the brand awareness campaign specific to your business needs.

10 Marketing Trends for 2021

2020 has brought about a great deal of change for the world of marketing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our lives have become even more digital; services are going virtual and many employees are working remotely more than ever. These trends aren’t going anywhere, and the last several months have shaped what clients and consumers are looking for in this new normal. Read on to learn about the marketing trends you can expect to see in 2021.

1. Changes in social media use – Not surprisingly, social media use keeps growing, and it will become an even more integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy in the coming year. Specifically, using social media to engage with and retain clients will be crucial during the first few months of 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Because people are spending exponentially more time online, brands should increase their social media budgets to focus on reaching new audiences and interact with past customers.

2. New platforms for engagement – In addition to spending more time scrolling on their phones, people have begun using new and different social media platforms in 2020. Tik Tok has become one of the most popular apps over the last several months. The social video app has expanded its opportunities for brands to advertise. This gives advertisers the opportunity to increase brand awareness to a new group of potential customers.

3. Use of voice search – Although voice search is not part of Google’s algorithm for now, it often yields different results than a traditional Google search. 2021 will be key for coordinating SEO and voice search.

4. New and different visuals – It’s easy to tell when a website is outdated, so keeping up with visual trends remains important in 2021. Muted color palettes, minimalist-style pages, simple fonts and eye-catching illustrations are forecasted to be popular in the next year.

5. SEO remains crucial – Making sure that important data is kept current on the web is one of the most important things brands can do in the coming year – especially small businesses. Google can provide helpful information about the services you offer, business hours, and location. Keeping your listings updated allows potential customers to find you based on your address and lets them know changes in your promotions, blogs, or any other news you want to share at a glance.

6. Easy accessibility – The biggest reason customers are switching brand allegiance today is due to the availability of the goods or services they are shopping for. Keeping a large inventory and increasing the number of time-slots you can offer a service can help meet the demands of customers.

7. Quick communication – If, for whatever reason, you cannot keep up with consumer demand, it’s important to communicate that clearly to your audience. Set reasonable expectations to prevent angry customers and bad reviews. Increased communication also looks to be crucial during the first few months of 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on and resources are limited for many businesses.

8. Increased interactive content – The use of interactive content has exploded in 2020, and trend forecasting shows that people will continue to heavily engage with it in 2021. Incorporating interactive aspects into your social media channels or website is a great way to grab your customers’ attention. Something as simple as a social media poll or as complicated can make a difference in audience engagement rates.

9. Customer retention is key – You may already know that retaining an existing customer costs a fraction of finding new ones. Focusing on retention will be more important than ever in 2021. Satisfied customers come back and spread the word about your business through recommendations and referrals.

10. Keeping employees motivated – With more employees working remotely, many are facing burnout. Keeping your associates energized, especially during the first half of 2021, is key in maintaining your brand’s success. Connected employees are more productive, work better with others, and provide customer satisfaction. Prioritizing the needs of your employees directly impacts the success of your business as a whole.

As strange and unpredictable 2020 has been, it gave us many insights into the marketing trends that are sure to be apparent in the new year. Incorporating these into your 2021 marketing plan is a great way to ensure success in the next several months. Contact us today so we can up your digital game!

Social Media Tactics That Work

Social media is one of the most difficult digital marketing avenues to tackle successfully. Different platforms are constantly changing, and what’s popular one moment might be deemed out of fashion the next. If your business uses social media, you’ve probably tried the most obvious tips for boosting your following and engagement. These include posting at optimal times of day based on your target audience, using hashtags and regularly engaging with your followers. While these can be useful, there are a variety of other tactics you can begin to incorporate into your social media strategy that will maximize your business’ digital marketing outreach.

1. Chat with and tag

ou know that influencers’ followings are incredibly loyal, which is why brands love partnering with them. Microinfluencers can be just as impactful, since they are often seen as more genuine than those with millions of followers. If you contact microinfluencers directly offering to partner for a promotional opportunity, you’ll likely receive a positive response. Many businesses have used the power of influencer marketing to their advantage, and it’s a great way to find new followers.

2. Go live

Videos are vital in today’s social media landscape, and it’s no secret that going live can have a major impact on your engagement rates. Live videos are exciting for followers because they happen in real time, giving viewers the opportunity to interact with the person or business in the video. Live videos are also appealing due to their rawness and realness; they show you honestly, without filters and highly curated images. The increase in the popularity of live videos can be attributed to social media users’ interest in authenticity.

3. Use social media for customer service needs

More and more companies are using their social platforms to interface with clients and consumers. Similarly, customers have come to expect that they can use social media for customer service concerns. Encouraging consumers to message your social media channels for customer service needs is a great way to build a strong following and create a loyal client base. Customers also appreciate a quick response time, so be sure to stay on top of your messages when your followers reach out to your business’ page.

4. Create a poll or survey

People love to give their input and feel heard, especially on social media. Creating a poll or survey lets your followers make their wants and interests known, making them excellent tools to increase engagement. You can also capitalize on the valuable data from these poll results, helping you get a feel for what you followers are interested in and using that to make your brand more appealing to consumers.

Follow these tips to revamp your social media strategy and see returns on your digital marketing investment!

How to Vlog

In today’s world of digital marketing and endless content, vlogs — which combines the words “video” and “blog” — are undoubtedly a popular way to engage with followers on social media. If you’re interested in starting a vlog but aren’t sure where to start, read on to learn some tips on how to maximize this great marketing opportunity.

First, it is important to keep your expectations realistic when starting a vlog. Thousands of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube and beyond every couple of minutes. Only a handful of vloggers have a million or more followers or earn thousands of dollars in revenue. However, while your vlog may not receive a million followers, that does not mean it cannot be successful. Working with a small audience can help you closely engage with your followers and create meaningful content that is beneficial to both you and those watching.

Unlike traditional blogging or podcasting, vlogs allow followers to consume content in a different and more visual way. This can be a draw for many who wish to engage with you or your business even if you use other channels to connect to your followers. Since people like to explore digital content in a variety of ways, a vlog may open the door to new followers.

Now that you know the basics of why you should vlog, it’s time to learn what makes a good vlogger. Paying attention to logistics can be a huge benefit when vlogging. A shaky camera and poor sound quality will turn viewers off. Invest in an inexpensive stand if you plan to film on your phone, or take it one step further and purchase a video camera. It’s also important to edit your videos well, with clean graphics and seamless edits. Changing up your location from time to time can also work wonders. If you usually sit in your office during vlogs, try filming somewhere else every so often. This will keep viewers interested and engaged with your videos. 

When it comes to content, keep your vlog short and focused. Viewers prefer to watch a concise, well-edited video over something drawn out. Posing questions so that followers can engage with you is a great way to grow your audience. Also, the more specific you get when it comes to content, the more followers you will have. If you or your business are part of a niche industry, capitalize on that. It is better to vlog about something you knew well and that you may not have a lot of competition in than filming a generic and boring video.

Ultimately the most important thing in creating a vlog is to just start doing it. People will often realize they have much more to say than they initially thought once the vlog has been started. Being vlogging today to boost followers and engagement for you and your business! 

Instagram Marketing in 2020

As you may already know, Instagram features are constantly changing, meaning social media trends are continuously in flux. 2020 looks like it will be no different, with digital and social marketing being more popular than ever. Marketers should be gearing up to keep pace with Instagram in the new year. Read on to learn what you can expect to see on the social media platform in the coming months.

Increase Engagement, Not Just Followers

Promoting generic content for the sake of posting won’t do your Instagram any good in 2020. Not only will your posts get pushed aside by the algorithm, but your followers will also be less inclined to engage with your posts if they do not seem genuine. With so many organizations taking to social media for advertising purposes, Instagram users are becoming astute when it comes to following accounts and liking or commenting on posts. Taking time to produce quality content will be key in maintaining and increasing engagement rates in the new year.

The Rise of the Micro-Influencer

Social media influencers have been around for years now, and the average user is becoming more perceptive of what these accounts are promoting. That said, Instagram users are better responding to people they know — friends and/or family — over big-time influencers with millions of followers. The rise of nano- and micro-influencers (those with 1,000-9,999 and 10,000-100,000 followers, respectively) are beginning to fare better than larger accounts for brand promotion. Investing in these types of influencers can be extremely beneficial for brands since they usually have stronger relationships with and closer ties to their followers.

Using Stories

More and more brands are using the stories feature on Instagram, which allows an account’s followers to see a quick photo or video for 24 hours. These are usually more casual and fun than regular posts that are permanently visible. Organizations are beginning to use stories on a regular basis to share in-the-moment, engaging snapshots of highly-engaging content. Instagram users are projected to increase watching and responding to stories, making them a fantastic digital marketing tool.

Digital Trends to Watch in 2020

Artificial Intelligence

The growth of artificial intelligence is still relatively new to the digital landscape, but there is no doubt that it can provide brands with plenty of useful information. AI uses something called “machine learning” to help computers think and reason the way humans do. While this may sound creepy, AI is extremely helpful to the digital world because it can give feedback, monitor activity, and identify customer needs. All of this will ultimately help make our digital world better and give users an improved overall experience. This could be the biggest trend to pay attention to for the next decade or so, not simply one of the digital trends to watch in 2020.

Voice Apps and Voice Search

In the last year, voice search has been one of the fastest growing digital trends. In fact, it has been one of the most quickly adopted technologies since the dawn of the smartphone. This is due, in part, to smart speakers, which are rapidly making their way into the homes of millions of consumers. More and more people are also realizing the usefulness of voice search and taking advantage of how easily it allows them to multitask. The use of voice in new technology is projected to grow even more in the coming years.

Paid Mobile Advertising

Digital media is being driven by mobile usage today. Daily time spent on a mobile device is on the rise, so it makes sense to invest in paid advertising. While it’s true that customers can get annoyed by advertisements online, with some people even opting to pay a fee so that they don’t have to deal with them. However, if they are done subtly and are targeted properly, customers are more likely to engage by clicking on the ad, making it a worthwhile investment.

Ecommerce Growth

Ecommerce has been growing exponentially over the last couple of years. Brick and mortar stores have been working to adapt to this new digital age, taking many of their sales online and even incorporating technology into their stores. In the coming years, the food and beverage industry will become more digitized through ecommerce, as well. More consumers are turning to their mobile devices for shopping because of convenience, so it’s important to streamline the process and make it user-friendly.

Meaningful and Personal Content

Content marketing is the development of digital material that does not explicitly promote a brand, but creates interest in a more organic way that paid advertisements. It’s a great way to appeal to potential customers without seeming like you are forcing yourself into their digital world. Knowing your audience and tuning into what they are looking for is crucial for digital marketing today. If you create engaging content to promote your product or service that sparks the interest of your customer, they are extremely likely to connect with you.

This concludes the digital trends to watch in 2020. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and please leave a comment below.

Learn more about the services we provide that can help you with any of these five aspects of marketing.

Are Our Phones Listening to Us?

Have you ever talked about traveling somewhere with a friend, only to have flight advertisements pop up as you scroll through Facebook when you haven’t even typed it into your browser yet?  Or, have you ever mentioned buying a new television, then seen a multitude of ads for the latest and greatest TVs as you’re on your favorite news website, despite the fact that you haven’t even started shopping for them online yet? Chances are this has been happening to you more and more frequently lately — so much so that you might think that your phone is listening in on you. Many people are starting to suspect that their smartphones are eavesdropping on casual conversations and collecting data to gain insight on what consumers want, then using that data to create targeted advertisements. But is this true?  

We all know that the technology for your devices to listen to you already exists. Amazon, Google, and Apple all have virtual assistant devices which use voice command to do everything from schedule appointments to buy more laundry detergent. However, the industry and experts deny that these devices consistently listen in on conversations without being initiated with phrases “Hey Siri” or “Okay Google.”   As it turns out, you may be overestimating how much power your phone and other devices actually hold. Recording and analyzing the content of millions of people’s conversations would not only be time-consuming but also very costly. Facebook has made an official statement in which they deny listening in on conversations through phone microphones to gather information. Google has also said that it does not use phone microphones to listen in on users, and has even declared that they have stopped reading emails in order to promote and protect the privacy of users. These sites, however, are still free to use your search history and interests to target ads to you. In addition, they use the data of other individuals who are like you — people with the same age, gender, location and interests as you — to better advertise to you. Sites can also use your purchase history to predict what you might be interested in buying next. Algorithms are getting better and better at understanding what people are thinking and what they are interested in, even if they may not yet have typed it into their phones.   So, while it may seem incredibly creepy that your phone seems to know what you’re thinking or saying before you actually type it into your search browser, rest assured that it is most likely not getting this information by listening in on your conversations.