Tracking Your Website’s Return On Investment (ROI) 

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You wouldn’t run a business without measuring it. Alpha Key Digital treats your website like an asset of your business and we track what it’s delivering to your bottom line by calculating the return, investment gains, and total return.

Alpha Key uses Google Analytics to Track your Website’s ROI

Most businesses invest significantly in their website in money and time. Alpha Key Digital will calculate net profits, annual ROI, and cost of investment to determine what’s working and what can be improved.

Together, we can look at your business goals and work out:

  • Return On Investment (ROI) of your Online Efforts, ROI calculation (email, search, and advertising)
  • Track and Measure Online Goals
  • Track advertising campaigns from email marketing through to paid advertising to determine which investment is working
  • See How Your Website Is Used
  • Segment Visitors

But I Only Need a New Website, Right?

Your website is the cornerstone of your business’s online presence, but you should know what’s driving traffic, as you can see a lot more than just how many visitors are landing on your site.

If you want to revamp your website, your current analytics is a great place to start so you can replicate the good bits and improve on what’s not working.

Hidden inside analytics, Alpha Key Digital can find the information people seek that isn’t visible and discover the key questions your future customers want answers to. This can drive content, conversion, and future advertising campaigns.

Conversion Optimization

With SEO, social, and paid campaigns, you can drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Still, suppose your website doesn’t deliver as a destination. In that case, you’ll miss out on those vital conversions, whether a new lead via an email sign-up, an online purchase or booking, or just the pages your customers visit. 

And, notably, we will discern where they’re dropping out of your online sales funnel. You can even find out how long your lead time to purchase is and the demographics of your site visitors.

Should You Really Be Paying for Print Ads?

Despite what many digital consultants may say to you, print isn’t dead. There are ways you can track your print campaigns using online tracking to see which ones are most cost-effective. 

Many clients still think they should pay thousands for inclusion in online directory X or print publication Y, but when they see the numbers, they often reconsider due to the low volume of referrals. 

You need to put this measurement into context, but sometimes, it may make you reconsider where you allocate your advertising budget.

Alpha Key Digital Makes Your Website Work for You

Your website is an asset that really can work for you. Whether you use this data to drive your online budgeting or increase the value of your business, you need the correct tracking and metrics to measure seasonal trends or compare this period versus last year. 

If you aren’t tracking how your site is used, your website is little more than a glorified brochure.

It’s hard to track print advertising, but that’s not to say it doesn’t work. With online and digital tools, we can track everything.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a crucial metric for measuring the success of digital marketing efforts. Google Analytics plays a significant role in tracking and analyzing the performance of online campaigns.

Alpha Key Digital will calculate your Website’s ROI in digital marketing using Google Analytics.

Alpha Key will:

Track Conversions: Use conversion tracking to monitor user actions on your website, such as form submissions, purchases, or sign-ups.

Implement UTM Parameters: Use UTM parameters to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Add these parameters to the URLs of your marketing assets (e.g., emails, social media posts, ads) to identify the source, medium, and campaign.

Monitor Acquisition Channels: Alpha Key will Identify the channels that are driving the most conversions.

Analyze Conversion Paths: Explore the “Multi-Channel Funnels” and “Attribution” reports in Google Analytics to understand users’ various touchpoints before converting. This helps in attributing value to different marketing channels.

Calculate Costs: Determine the costs associated with your digital marketing efforts, including advertising, content creation, and other relevant expenses.

Use Google Analytics Reports: Utilize Google Analytics reports like “E-commerce” or “Goals” to get insights into the revenue generated, conversion rates, and other critical metrics associated with your goals.

Regularly Review and Optimize: Continuously monitor your digital marketing performance in Google Analytics. Identify underperforming channels and optimize your strategy accordingly.

By leveraging these features and regularly analyzing the data provided by Google Analytics, Alpha Key Digital can give your business valuable insights into the performance of their online activities and make informed decisions to improve ROI.

Alpha Key Digital strives to align Google Analytics tracking with your specific business goals and we will continually refine your strategy based on the insights gained from the data.

Let’s Track Your Business Growth

Let Alpha Key Digital track your business growth online and see the total customer value brought in by your website. 

Call us today at (440) 796-9152 to discuss your requirements.

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Tracking Your Website’s Return On Investment (ROI) 

You wouldn’t run a business without measuring it. Alpha Key Digital treats your website like an asset of your business and we track what it’s delivering to your bottom line by calculating the return, investment gains, and total return. Alpha Key uses Google Analytics to Track your Website’s ROI Most businesses invest significantly in their website in money and time.

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