The Importance of Instagram Marketing for Business

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Did you know there are over one billion active users each month on Instagram? These active users make Instagram the perfect channel for businesses to reach a massive audience. Studies show that users spend an average of 53 minutes per day on Instagram. Instagram is now the second most visited social network, only second to Facebook.

Ninety percent of Instagram users follow one or more favorite companies. Mostly because people enjoy being connected to their favorite brands through this network. This way, Instagram maintains your relationships with prospects, current customers, and a target audience.

Forty-six percent of Instagram users purchased from a brand either offline or online. Instagram’s opportunity for speeding up selling is a crucial point to consider.

So, a considerable advantage of Instagram marketing is that a company gains access to a vast audience. Users’ active interaction with brands they want to buy is a distinct advantage of marketing on Instagram. There are other benefits as well.

What is Instagram marketing for business?

Instagram marketing involves the promotion of a brand and is a type of social media marketing. This social media platform allows your brand to connect with a vast audience to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

Instagram marketing grows your brand’s awareness by increasing your audience, new leads, and sales. Instagram is the favorite social media channel among users between 16 to 34 years of age. Instagram has proven to be a highly effective marketing platform for entrepreneurs, creators, and brands.

Marketing strategies and types of content on Instagram include:

  • Organic content: Photos, Images and Videos, Instagram Reels, Stories, or Carousel Posts
  • Paid content: Instagram ads, including Stories ads, Shopping ads, and more
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Shopping Tools: Shop tab, Product tags and catalog, Live shopping, Instagram Checkout, Shopping ads

There are four ways Instagram can positively affect your business.

4 Benefits of Instagram for Business

  1. Brand strengthening
  2. Improved engagement rates
  3. Increased sales
  4. Audience growth opportunities

1. Brand strengthening

Brand awareness is greater because eighty-three percent of Instagram users discover new products or services due to Instagram marketing. Instagram also generates more trust when users see your brand on Instagram. The brands and businesses users do not see on the Instagram app are likely to be avoided by potential users.

2. Improved engagement

Maintaining customer relationships through social networks is one of the best ways to achieve this. Your brand gets direct feedback from your audience regarding your ads, photos, and videos through their comments and likes. User generated content through comments and likes also improves engagement.

You are able to notify customers of special offers, and garner interest with engaging content.

3. Increased sales

Instagram users are known to willingly make purchases. An enormous buying audience, estimated at eleven percent of social media users in the USA who shop and buy on Instagram.

With this information, Instagram offers a substantial collection of tools allowing users to easily shop on Instagram without leaving the site. Some of these tools are Instagram Story links, ads, and shopping tags, among others. The Instagram website has a complete list of these tools.

4. Audience growth opportunities

Precise targeting by Instagram boosts the overall reach of your business. Ads Manager can target your most suitable audience through demographic data, user behavior and interests, and more.

There are also retargeting options that can be gained through Instagram Ads Manager. Leads from other channels are funneled effectively, driving more qualified Instagram leads to your brand.

The Instagram analytics tool allows you to measure your performance.

Measurements and Tracking include the following:

  • Overall number of purchases
  • Ad performance
  • Cost of each purchase
  • Number of conversions
  • Total campaign spending, and more

In summary, Instagram marketing brings you a willing-to-buy audience while making your brand stronger, engaging users with your business.

Instagram marketing can provide outstanding outcomes for:

  • Awareness of your brand
  • Loyalty of customers
  • Lead acquisition and increased sales

A solid social media presence is key to building a reliable brand, standing out, and gaining traction with potential customers. Still, most consumers search for a brick-and-mortar business online before visiting for the first time.

A solid social media presence, though, requires consistent content creation and times to post, which can take much time. An Instagram presence is essential for small businesses.

An Alpha Key Digital marketing expert will provide an Instagram profile. Including branded hashtags, and social media marketing strategies to enhance your social media in real time. Social media aims to build engagement, create awareness of your brand, and tell memorable stories that genuinely help sell products.

Alpha Key Digital Provides Profile Optimization

A complete profile helps you to earn the trust of your Instagram followers. That includes a branded profile image, a descriptive bio, engaging Instagram story highlights, and a link to your website.

Alpha Key Digital Optimizes Keyword Research

Using the right keywords and phrases is essential to optimizing your Instagram presence. This is another place where professional help from Alpha Key Digital comes in handy. Our team knows the right Instagram hashtags to attract new followers and potential customers to your account. We provide highly specialized Instagram advertising as well.

Social media marketing is complicated and very competitive. Alpha Key Digital will create an Instagram business profile and add other channels to your marketing strategy.

Alpha Key Digital will get more qualified traffic on an Instagram feed that matter most to your business. Trust our proven track record to maximize your visibility online. Set your business up for long-term success.

An expert in digital marketing professional, we will get your company noticed. By implementing new strategies, the investment will pay off in the long run. Contact us for a consultation. Or call: (440) 796-9152Email

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