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Onsite SEO—what is it?

Onsite SEO, also called on-page SEO, makes your website search engine friendly. When you use this approach, your website is optimized by zeroing in on optimizing elements so that search results rank higher and drive more beneficial traffic to your website.

Adjusting elements on your website is a required SEO practice so search engines index your content easily. Utilizing onsite SEO optimizes both the HTML source code and the content on a webpage.

A crucial factor of onsite SEO is how relevant your webpage content relates to the user’s search query and considers their search intent. 

Why does onsite SEO matter?

A critical aspect of your SEO campaign is onsite SEO because it supports search engine interpretation of the content on your page. With proper onsite SEO, the search engine understands what a human would see when they visit your webpage. Your information can only be indexed if the search engine can crawl through your webpage.

What’s the difference between Onsite vs. Offsite SEO?

  • Onsite SEO: emphasizes improved rankings by making changes to your website 
  • Offsite SEO: emphasizes external factors impacting your website’s rankings

With onsite SEO, making changes to your site can be controlled by: 

  • Keyword selection
  • Speeding up your site’s load time
  • Optimizing page titles

Offsite SEO emphasizes external factors you can’t control but can influence your site’s rankings. Including:

  • Other authoritative sites create links to your website
  • Management of Social Media
  • Review management

Although these factors cannot be controlled, they can still affect your website and improve your ranking in search results.

Emphasis on onsite SEO factors gives you control to improve your site, enabling you to enhance your website’s ranking in search results and drive more traffic to your business.

Major Onsite SEO Features

Onsite SEO optimizes your website, achieving effective results. Maximizing your results with onsite SEO depends on six crucial factors.

1. Creation of content that is constructive and in-depth content keeps leads on your webpage

The content on your site drives traffic to it. Content also engages people with your page and keeps them on it. Content marketing investment maximizes your opportunities with SEO. Successful SEO is achieved with the crucial component of content.

There are many types of content, such as ebooks and blog posts. Multiple topics can be covered regarding your industry, which ultimately drives leads to your webpage.

However, your created content must go in-depth, providing your audience with beneficial information. If your goal is to drive more relevant leads to your webpage, creating informative and valuable content is necessary.

Your content needs to be user-friendly. Reading and understanding content quickly is necessary to capture your audience. 

Your content should give your audience quality information. Creating more compelling and in-depth content will keep your audience on your website longer.

Your content should be linkable. If your content is informative and valuable, the more likely that other companies will share or link to it.

More traffic to your webpage by creating in-depth content that matches user search intent sends a positive signal to Google that your page is relevant. Google will boost your ranking due to this. 

2. Optimize title tags to appear in more relevant results 

The webpage’s title is the first thing users look at when their search results lead them to your page. Titles are an active determinator of whether the user clicks on your page or moves on to a competitor. When your title is optimized, you have tackled a crucial on-page SEO technique for driving users to visit your webpage.

A detailed title tag for your webpage is valuable. Your audience should be able to tell what they should expect if they click on your link. Your audience will see if your webpage is relevant to their query, and Google looks for the keyword in your title to help rank your page.

3. Keeping leads on your site longer: using internal links on the webpage

Internal links keep leads within your site instead of sending them to external pages. This is accomplished by linking other pages on your website to any new pages you have added.

Using internal links enhances the user’s experience. Your audience is provided with constructive information, which helps them learn more about your topic.

When you utilize internal links, Google crawls your page to follow those links to index your content. Google will find more pages on your site and rank them in search results.

4. Improved page load time

Getting information fast is the goal of every user. Users expect pages to load immediately. About 83 percent of users expect a website to load in three seconds or less.

If a webpage takes more than three seconds to load, about 53 percent of users will leave the page. Up to one-half of your website traffic can only be recovered if a page loads quickly.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to improving your website’s load time, you can rely on a marketing company to help you improve your site’s load time.

At Alpha Key Digital, we offer page speed services to help you improve your site’s load time and keep leads on your page longer. Call us today at 440-796-9152 to speak with a strategist about enhancing your site’s load time.

5. URLs that are SEO-friendly

Your webpage’s URL is a critical portion of SEO. Search engines crawl your site; they read your URL to understand your content. If your URL isn’t clear, it won’t help search engines index your website or help users remember your URL.

The relevancy of a webpage is determined by search engines with the URL. Integrating your keywords will improve your site ranking.

Your URL should be clear and have a hierarchy. Your URL should not have mixed-up letters and numbers. This is an example of a poor URL website structure:

A URL like this is unclear and scattered. The letters and numbers don’t have any meaning to search engines, and your users will not remember letters and numbers.

Instead, an improved URL looks like this:

This URL structure is well-defined and clear, with a clear hierarchy. It’s clean and defined, so search engines can easily read your URL.

Users can also remember it naturally. It’s much easier to remember Gibson guitars to the Les Paul collection than a strange combination of numbers and letters. The URL will clearly show audiences the topic, making users more likely to engage.

Creating a clean URL structure will give you more leads on your webpage and allows search engines to index your pages correctly. This improves your onsite SEO and increases your site’s ranking in the search results.

6. Incorporating responsive design

Users use various devices to access your site. It is critical to create a positive experience for every device. A responsive design is needed for correct onsite SEO.

A website that users can navigate is created with a responsive design. Users experience your site more positively because responsive design adapts to fit their devices.

Optimize your onsite SEO starting today

Keeping your audience engaged on your site longer is achieved using onsite SEO because it helps you to create a better website. Users spend more time learning about your business, services, or products when you optimize your site. Your rankings will continue to be boosted in search results to reach more valuable traffic.

At Alpha Key Digital, we have years of experience optimizing websites for onsite SEO. Our team of experts will optimize your website to perform better in search results. Our team will optimize your onsite SEO driving more traffic to your page.

If you’re ready to improve your SEO campaign through onsite SEO services, contact us online or call us today at 440-796-9152 to speak with a strategist about our custom SEO campaigns.

If your site isn’t optimized correctly, you’ll miss the full potential search engine optimization (SEO) has to offer your business. Development of SEO is a process. By optimizing your onsite SEO, you’ll produce more effective results with your SEO campaign.

If you need help improving your website with on-page SEO, call us today at 440-796-9152 to speak with an expert about our customized SEO campaigns.

Alpha Key Digital is a full-service Internet marketing agency that can provide onsite SEO campaigns for your business.

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