Social Media During COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on everyone in recent months. Many brands are finding themselves at a loss for what to say, especially on digital platforms. Social media marketing, however, has become more important than ever. As Americans stay home, the internet is changing the way we connect with others as we attempt to normalize our everyday lives as much as possible. Many businesses are able to continue operating virtually, and communicating what you can offer and when you will be open can keep your customers connected and informed throughout this challenging time. Read on to learn some of the best and most effective techniques for social media marketing during COVID-19.

1. Know your audience – Even if you’ve spent years building your brand and becoming acquainted with your audience, it’s important to have a good understanding of the people you’re trying to talk to. You may not know your customer in their current state, and there may be new audience segments you can try marketing to. Now is an excellent time to take a step back and re-acquaint yourself with your ideal customers, including who they are and what they want to see.

2. Create interactive content – Interactive posts including quizzes, polls and 360-degree videos are great ways to engage with your audience. These types of social media posts tend to fare well, especially compared to static posts where audience participation is not an option. Whenever possible, think of ways you can create an immersive experience for your followers. Every piece of interactive content is a call-to-action in itself and is extremely sharable, which in turn increases brand awareness.

3. Increase social commerce – If you’re a business that can sell your products online, now is the time to take advantage of that. Platforms like Instagram encourage linking your products to your posts and making them easy to navigate for consumers. Shoppable posts and stories, social commerce apps and paid advertisements on social media are all great ways to boost sales during this time. Many internet users are finding that social networks have become important information sources for making product choices. This trend will surely continue throughout 2020, as options to visit retail stores are somewhat limited.

4. Try new things – Now is a great time to try new things on your social media channels. Posting to your stories, going live or even expanding your digital platform to incorporate different social media platforms are all excellent engagement methods. No matter what direction you choose, now is the time to explore, look for new opportunities, and set the stage for better, more engaged customer interactions now and in the future.

Following the tips above will help ensure that you maximize the use of your social media channels during this challenging time. Most people are looking for something to distract themselves from the contant flood of news updates during this precarious time. Making your social media a creative and interactive page for your followers can grow your engagement and build trust while keeping you in business virtually.

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