Why Email Marketing Is Important

Every so often a new fad comes up in the digital marketing world. Trends come and go (RIP Vine), and some things just stick. One of those things that stuck was the usage of email. Email is the only way to have direct communication that does not involve another platform., therefore, you have the most control over this marketing tactic. Emails have outlasted other communication techniques, and have always played a vital role.

You may think to yourself “Yeah but who reads emails for pleasure?”, well you would be surprised. For every $1 spent on digital marketing $42 is the average return (DMA 2019 Marketers Email Tracker). That is an insanely high return on your investment, and something that can be done cost efficiently.

It is estimated that by 2023 there will be about 4.3 billion email accounts. That is an insanely high amount of emails you will never achieve sending to, however even if you tap into .1% of the total emails is still over 4 million emails! 

So you may think to yourself “Sure, there are a lot of emails, but why would they read my message?” This is a very valid question, and there are multiple solutions to this potential issue. These could range from something like making sure your subject line is relevant, make sure the topic is relevant, and that you are not spamming up peoples inboxes.

Many marketing professionals are capable of putting together successful email campaigns to potential clients, but many do not have the time to do so or do not have all of the resources a digital marketing agency may have.

At Alpha Key Digital, we are your one stop source for all of your digital marketing needs. We have significant experience with email marketing that has lead to success for our clients. We take the time to get to know your needs, know the proper messaging, and find the right clients for your business!

A discovery meeting is vital to the success of the email campaign, as this allows us to get to know you best. By getting to know you we are able to know the proper way to communicate with your clients. 

If you are interested in learning more about email campaigns and would like to see some of the work we have done with our clients, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your email marketing needs!