Deliver Your Best Work For a Client

Oftentimes it can be tempting to do “just enough” for the client. Personally, I don’t believe in “just good enough” and always push myself to do better than the rest. Better than my competitors. I am always striving to do my best work in all that I do. Clients come to me with a specific need. It could be that they need a website to be redesigned, or they are unhappy with their search engine rankings. Perhaps they think they need to be on social media to sell their products and have no place to start. In any scenario, they are looking at me to deliver something to them and they may have very little knowledge of what measures need to be taken.

It would be unreasonable for one to expect a business owner or corporation to know the ins and outs of website design and the advanced coding necessary to rank well with search engines. They may know what a digital marketing funnel is but hardly how to make one work for them. They may know that video is the premier content in 2020, but what should they say? How long should it be? Where should we house it among their digital assets? These are questions that I am here to answer. I see this far too much among past and present clients: that there are agencies out there burning their clients with mediocre or downright poor work. I don’t let this happen and I urge you to not let it happen either.

Deliver your best work for your clients. Period. Go above and beyond for them, if they need help. Work from your heart and mind but not from your ego. If you take them for a ride and pocket their money without knowing what the hell you’re doing or blatantly not performing, then you are only screwing yourself in the long-term. No one will look at you as a deliverer, or someone to trust. Your reputation can be and should be dragged through the mud.

So what does it mean to deliver the best work for your clients? Well, it starts with understanding exactly what it is you’re doing.  I see so many people calling themselves pro website developers who cannot even code. I’ve seen many social media “gurus” who haven’t even filled out the basic information for their clients on their social pages. Don’t do this to people. If you’re inept then learn how to do your job. And once you know how to do the work, then deliver your best work for your clients.

There are too many people out there that need our help. Small businesses especially. Mom and pops have a hard enough time competing with the big-timers but when a younger digitally smooth competitor comes into town and washes them with their online presence it can effectively close their doors. These are the people that need our help. Deliver the best work you can for a client.  You’ll feel better when you do so.